About us

History and overview

F-D-T has been in business for 48yrs and has established itself as a well-rounded perishables supplier with service and quality at the core of its principles. The company’s directors have placed emphasis on customer service, high quality products and consistent pricing.


F-D-T Director Mr. AK Ismail has been in the industry for 30 years and brings with him a wide range of experience and a complete hands on approach, his work ethic has set a precedence for the way the entire business and staff approach the food industry and their clients.

Vision, Mission and Objectives

We service both large and small clients who cater for the high and low ends of the market, our product range has been developed to cater for all major markets at competitive prices.

The secret to our business is in our ability to store large volumes of stock, this ensures sustained availability to our clients which allows us to plan ahead and ensure their supply.

F-D-T has pioneered numerous avenues in the industry and will continue to do so, the company has a grounded approach complimented by tenacious and bold strategic purchases.

The company has strong ties with local companies and we are proud supporters of locally produced product, we do however make use of imported products to ensure our clients receive year round supply.

F-D-T is engrained in its local community and businesses, we strive to uplift where we can and empower those with the potential to grow.


The senior staff at F-D-T   offer years of vast experience and assist with food costing and sourcing of specialised products. The team has developed into a professional unit with well managed supplier and manufacturer relationships. The buying division of the company constantly engages with its manufacturers and suppliers to improve and develop products capable of meeting the emerging markets demands.